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Toko Listrik Kenari
We Sell Various Brand Cable ( SUPREME - KABELMETAL - CABLE INDO - TRANKA - SUTRADO - Eterna - Voksel - Belden - Lestari , Apollo, Daifu, Draka, Extrana, Daisaku, Shigeru, pulung, multi, ) used by INDUSTRY, CONTRACTORS, Housing, etc. ( By Type: NYA, NYAF, NYM, NYY, NYMHY, NYYHY, NYRGBY )
We also received for the manufacture of electrical panel boxes with sizes to suit your needs, we use the best quality components with
Ensuring Quality and Safety of Electrical Installation
We are ready to serve you with the best price and service
Contact : Harli
Phone : ( + 62) 21-31922673 ; 31765133 ; 31909628
HP : ( + 62) 8151673519 ; 08111095131
Email : pratamalistrik@ gmail.com

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1. Cables Supplier Jakarta / Suplier Kabel
2. Electric Cables / Kabel Listrik
3. Cables Specialist / Spesialis Kabel
4. Stockist

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